Common Conditions Treated

Sore Throat


Sinus Infections

Cold & Flu


Pink Eye

Did you know…

The average wait to see a telemedicine doctor will be 19-23 minutes.

With myURGENCYMD, no appointments are necessary. The on-demand experience starts with collecting information about your medical history and symptoms. After this information has been collected, we place a call to our doctor who will give you a call back within 2 hours (but usually within the hour). It’s perfect for busy college students like you.

Ready When You Are

We’re here 24/7 on-demand, operating as an adjunct. We provide students with care on weekends or when the clinic is closed.

Private Access

Since you don’t have to go into the clinic, you are diagnosed and treated discreetly. You can see a doctor while you’re at school, on the go, or at home.

Here for You

Central to our mission and supported by robust technology, our physicians have the passion and means to deliver empathetic, quality care that extends beyond a single visit.

Bill & Insurance Support

On a college budget? Confused about co-payments? You never have to pay anything for your myURGENCYMD membership, plus we have Healthcare Advocates standing by to help you navigate your medical bills and health insurance policies.